The Oldest Established Preserve Company in Connecticut


Woodstock Hill Preserves is tucked away in a part of Connecticut that’s aptly called The Quiet Corner, where we’ve been making jam for over 35 years.


Took the slow way home one day, and stayed.

Woodstock Hill Preserves uses only first-quality fruit, direct from the farmer, and carefully hand-inspects each piece of fruit that goes into our preserves.  Only undamaged fruit at the peak of ripeness is used.  We never add water, fillers, artificial flavor, artificial color, or preservatives.  We limit the size of our batches, because small batches, slowly simmered, permit us to maintain the integrity of the ingredients, and to ensure the best possible flavor.

Woodstock Hill Preserves makes fresh homemade fruit preserves– goodness collected from the Connecticut farm and delivered to your table.


Our kitchen is 100% Powered by Nature.  Our all-natural jams and marmalades are cooked with care in our state-of-the-art kitchen using 100% renewable energy.

–Maureen, Owner and Jam Maker